Fertility and Sexual Health For Men & Women

It has become increasingly known that traditional medicine and acupuncture can assist in fertility conditions. What may not be common knowledge is that infertility is a growing condition in the united states and many modern countries due to ever increasing stressful lifestyles, toxic environments and more common consumption of medications and processed foods. By correcting the underlying imbalances and deficiencies of an individual their chance of conceiving and carrying to full term is dramatically increased. It should be recognized that it is nearly a 50-50 chance that is is either the man or woman who needs treatment.

Proper Diagnosis is Essential

At Makari wellness we do not use a cookie cutter approach and simply have clients come in multiple times every week for acupuncture and herbs- hoping they will become pregnant. We hold that a proper diagnosis and pattern differential based on traditional examination makes all the difference. After diagnosing the underlying patterns of imbalance for each individual a treatment plan is recommended. We realize that acupuncture can be costly and many times have suggested diet and herbal medicine as the main means of correcting and strengthening one’s body- and this has been successful in 90% of our cases. At certain stages of the journey to conception acupuncture may play an important role but it may not be the primary means for each couple. People might consider acupuncture as a tool that works with what your body has and herbs can be seen as both a means of supplying and correcting the body on a daily basis. Historically when a person was very weak or in life threatening conditions herbs were required to give energy and sustenance to the person. In general herbs are cheaper and can be taken every day. Some of our clients will come to us for herbal dispensing and see their regular acupuncturist for the acupuncture component. There are many ways to go about solving these challenges, we will guide you honestly in what we think is best for you and your future family. We have had couples who successfully conceived and carried to term after 2 weeks of herbs while we have also had clients who, after multiple failed IVF’s, were successful following 6 months of treatment and did not need IVF. There is a wide spectrum of possibilities and we are here to help you thru them.  

IVF Acupuncture Protocols

There have been a number of studies resulting in recommended “protocols” for IVF acupuncture assistance. Of course we hold that the best solution is to combine these empiral methods while addressing each individuals underlying constitution to insure their body is in optimal health .The investigations revealed that several key components are central to acupuncture in combination with ART. The timing of an acupuncture treatment in relation to the menstrual cycle is of great importance. An acupuncture treatment administered between day 6 and 8 of the “stimulated ART cycle” is optimal. In addition, it is ideal to have two acupuncture treatments “on the day of embryo transfer.”

A General Making Babies Action Plan For Women Have vaginal intercourse in missionary position Relax in bed for 10-20 minutes after sex around time of ovulation Avoid lubricants, especially scented products. Don’t use water, saliva, or mineral oil If you need additional lubrication use “Pre-Seed” Abstain from sex during your period Have sex every day or every other day during your fertile times. Have sex just ahead of ovulation, days 12-14 of standard 28day cycle w/ ovulation on day 14 Track your body’s cycle so you know exactly when you ovulate Look for egg-white fertile cervical mucus Track cervical position, looking for SHOW (soft, high, open, and wet) Watch for other signs your body gives when ovulating: Keep BBT chart to look for temperature shift showing ovulation