Herb Directions

Herbal Preparations

Herbs must be taken consistently. They can be cooked a day or two in advance and consumed throughout the day. i.e. Mix 6-8oz of water for each dose into a large thermos/bottle. Mix the hot water with the appropriate number of scoops, often 3-4 3x/day…So you can heat water, mix 24oz w/ 9-12 scoops of herbs let dissolve. Throughout the day, 30mins or more from meals, take a dose of herbs by drinking the appropriate portion of the total bottle. Doses are to be consumed in one sitting not sipped throughout the day. Be mindful of your condition, symptoms, digestion, sleep, and energy. It takes 3-4 days to actually load your system and a couple days to adjust to the formula. Sometimes your body will clean itself out, if you should have any questions please contact your provider via phone or email. If you think the herbs are responsible for a symptom you can stop taking the herbs for 2-3 days then start again. If the symptom occurs again then it is safe to assume the herbs are connected. If you should catch a cold or become ill while taking your formula, stop taking herbs until you have recovered.