Pain free movement is achieved through the integration of movement patterns using chains of muscles and fascia. Rarely do we ever rely on a single muscle to perform any function. Correct movement requires mobility and neurological motor control to insure every structure is doing the correct job. Our bodies will adapt or create compensatory patterns of movement in response to pain, lack of mobility, and/or loss of motor control. Over time, these changes can lead to more significant dysfunction and/or increased pain resulting in wear and tear on material structures. Very often, treating the pain one experiences does not cure the fundamental cause of the problem.

Diagnosing dysfunctional patterns allows us to approach pain the same way we treat internal imbalances- by assessing the interplay between different systems or chains of muscles and fascia. Simply muscle testing or checking range of motion of a single structure does not provide an entire picture of what is happening. The SFMA exams can guide us to identifying key dysfunctional movement patterns and provide a fundamental treatment strategy. This helps us narrow in on what structures or systems to treat whether it be a soft-tissue, joint or even a neurological motor-control problem. Once we have identified the sources of dysfunction we can utilize a variety of tools to address the problem. As orthopedic and neurological acupuncture specialists we have a great number of tools we can combine to help our clients get better faster. Our success is the combination of the most effective systems of diagnosis and treatment combined to provide fast and lasting results.

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Our success comes from our unique ability to construct treatments which may combine any of the following therapies:


We maintain rigorous certifications in the ART (Active Release Technique), SFMA (Specific Functional Movement Assessment), FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and ICEAM (Internal Classics of East Asian Medicine) disciplines allowing us to address many conditions that have not responded to other treatments.