FAQ’s / Fee Schedule

FAQ-Fee Schedule for Treatment Programs

Patients start with an initial exam: $200

(We do not accept insurance plans. We  DO ACCEPT HSA/FSA accounts

We believe everybody deserves good health and quality of life. We also understand financial hardships.  If you cannot afford to pay us and believe you have something of value to exchange you may contact us and perhaps an agreement can be made. We have family also and  how could anyone not help another?

The initial exam’s purpose it to perform a differential diagnosis and determine a treatment plan. Without seeing and diagnosing someone it is impossible to discuss possibilities. You are contacting us because you have not received the results you want from others- we do not operate solely off of some Western diagnosis you were labeled with. We need to determine why you are presenting with these symptoms / conditions as a person. Every part of your body relies on the proper function and interaction of many organ systems- we need to examine these as well.

After our initial exam & treatment we can determine whether we are a good fit to work together and whether you wish to enter into treatment – in which case your initial exam fee can be applied to the cost of your care plan. In attempts to be up front on what is required in regards to time and money we list our programs and requirements below. True change takes time, effort and commitment. We have limited time and space – our clinic is completely committed to those who commit to themselves and their well-being. We have found that this creates the best work environment and yields the best results for our patients.  

Since any true change takes time and  commitment to treatment we offer discounted pre-paid packages.

Vision/ Eye Program

Pre-pay packages includes 1 month of custom herbal formula  & 1 month of vision supplements.  This includes $250-500 worth of high quality herbs and supplements per month. After the first month / 30 days, herbs and or supplements can be purchased separately.

Package of 10 – $230 each x 10 sessions + Supps =  $2300 (Minimum Course Of Tx)
Package of 20 – $200 each x 20 sessions + Supps =  $4000 (Recommended esp. for genetic)

Fee Schedule – Pre-Paid Treatment Plans

Initial Examination – Treatment := $200.00 – Please complete your paperwork prior to arrival. You do not want to spend your time completing paperwork when we could be working on you. When contemplating treatment think of what is typical of physical therapy, working out, any type of rehab. Acupuncture is no different although we often get fast and more lasting results- people should expect to commit to at least 1/2 course of treatment: 5 sessions to see if progress is being made.

Patients are required to get treated at least 2x/week. Those who travel can be treated up to 2x/day.

Internal Medicine / Fertility / Hormone

Package of 10 – $125 each x 10 sessions = $1250
Package of 20 – $100 each x 20 sessions = $2000

Treatment is 2x/week for first 3-4 weeks then reviewed for progress.

Neurological (Stroke, MS, Parkinsons,…)

Treatments $ 150 individually  after the initial course for maintenance. (This reflects an extended discount for the trials of 2020-2021) Each course includes 1 month of supplements per 10 treatments.

Package of 10 – $200 each x 10 sessions+ Supps. = $2000
Package of 20 – $160 each x 20 sessions+Supps. = $3500

Patients are required to receive treatment at a minimum of 2x/week during the initial course.

Orthopedic/Pain  (Orthopedic Acupuncture / Dry-Needling / Estim / Cupping / Active Release / Functional Movement & Reflexive Neurologic Training). At $150 a session our orthopedic sessions are a great value- it only takes 1 visit to see our program combines many different modalities which results in unparalleled results. Realistically most conditions require several visits, we recommend starting with 1/2 course or 5 sessions in addition to the initial exam (6 total). Because we combine several approaches these sessions are the most demanding on us in regards to time and effort. Our clients who complete their course and follow our home programs rarely need follow ups. This includes various systems of acupuncture, manual therapy (ART, Massage, Guu Sha, Cupping) and a complete rehab program for posture and stability.

Package of 5 $150 each x 5 sessions = $750 Regular Price for 1/2 course which is minimal level of care recomm.
Package of 10 $130 each x 10 sessions = $1300  
  Herbal Re-Exam   $75 for follow up – Herbs not included

2x/week for 1st  3 weeks (longer visits include exercise sessions: coaching and correction)

TELEMEDICINE VISITS For patients who cannot make it into the office or for those who have made it in and simply following up for herbal medicine we offer two visits. The INITIAL Telemedicine visit 45minutes – $150 is a telemedicine consult and Q&A diagnosis which we can use to then construct or determine the proper supplements to mail out. This price does not include the cost of herbs which typically runs between $125-200 a month. This is determined by the herbs required. The best possible diagnosis takes place in the office where we are able to palpate pulses and abdomen but understand this is not always possible. A Follow up herbal medicine exam for patients we have seen or those who have complete the initial Telemedicine visit is also available – $75 and is a shorter online consult to refill or discuss current supplements.

We do not settle in the development of our skills and knowledge, you need not settle for less than clinical excellence. We do not accept insurance payments. The majority of conditions we treat and therapies we use are not covered by insurance. Our clients choose us because they recognize the unique combination of superior treatments we offer is a complete and total package in healthcare and wellness not limited to what insurance will reimburse. Or like many people who found us, they had minimal or insufficient recovery utilizing traditional Physical therapy, Chiropractic, Massage and / or  other Acupuncturists.  The facts are that our concentrated treatment combinations involve more work and a complete approach which often leads to faster recovery or results where others have not.

You are treated by Michael himself and not handed off to an assistant. We do provide super bills that client’s may submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement. Many clients use their HSA and FSA spending accounts.  We do accept some Personal Injury Liens where fault has been established on a case by case basis and we will accept MedPay for immediate reimbursement, not on attorney lien.

Most people learn or realize they would have saved time and money with our approach after considering the limited care and countless visits to many other providers. Treatments at Makari Wellness are a great value if you value getting the best care and getting the best results possible in the shortest period of time and visits. Our reviews speak for themselves.  What is your time and getting back to your life worth?

Client’s interested in treatment may  email us an outline of their condition (Click Here) But in truth, only after performing the initial exam visit do we have any knowledge with which to speak on someone’s condition / diagnosis.  We have a busy clinic and currently do not offer consults (we need to do an examination!) if we believe cannot help we do not charge- if you wish to email a brief outline we will give a brief response.  Patients should schedule initial exam to to determine if we can assist you.

We will let you know if we think we can help you. Since we specialize in many conditions that Western Medicine has no treatment for and complex conditions that have failed to respond to conventional treatments (Physical Therapy, Western, Chiropractic, even other Acupuncturists), our treatments are quite different than what people have experienced. We start with a combination of examinations rooted in modern physical, neurological and traditional Chinese medicine to identify what could be the cause and set forth a combination of treatment strategies to address your health concerns.  Our success rests in the fact our treatments combine what we found to be the most effective therapies of several professions- true integration. Please read our google and yelp reviews (for both locations).

Each therapy track: Neurological / Stroke, Vision, Orthopedic Pain, and Internal Medicine has its own cost based on the time and treatment modalities involved. Initial examination and treatment is $200, the cost of which can be applied to overall treatment program once it is determined.

How should I prepare for my first visit?

Wear loose comfortable clothing which can reveal the knees, elbows, back and abdomen. Orthopedic / Sports medicine clients should be prepared to perform basic movements and rehab exercises. Bring all your pertinent medical information: MRI reports, OCT Scans, etc..

We will then present a treatment strategy if we believe we can help you. At that time we agree to work together, the initial visit fee can be applied to your treatment plan.

Make sure you have eaten a good meal and give yourself plenty of time to arrive 10 minutes early so you are not stressed or late. Paperwork is completed online before your arrival using a PC or tablet (do not use a phone to complete your online paperwork).