When it comes to improving health and performance, a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one well. That’s why we’ve created a platform for achievement that goes beyond sports performance, pain management, or traditional health care. We’re connecting people to the things that are vital to their health — the ingredients they need to perform at a high level day after day.

Our natural solutions are tailored plans that guide people to meet their goals. Whether you simply want to get out of pain or pursue improved function and performance out combination of orthopedic dry needling acupuncture, active release techniques and functional corrections can help you achieve your goals. We incorporate education, Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. We work with you to assist you in taking control of your health.


The debate about Acupuncture and Dry-Needling can be quite heated and we believe can be explained quite easily. Most people do not realize there are many systems of acupuncture with various focusses. Just like art, law, and the many specializations within Western medicine. Unquestionably, whether called Orthopedic Acupuncture or Dry Needling, these approaches have gained wide acceptance and proven to be extremely effective in the hand of a properly trained provider. Orthopedic acupuncture is a specialty within acupuncture where the needle insertion is focussed on treating muscular-skeletal issues, joint movement patterns and addressing what has commonly become referred to as trigger points. The most rudimentary version of “dry Needling” is that it is based on inserting needles based on the modern Western understanding of anatomy and physiology. Unfortunately, other professions who have tried to co-opt this style of acupuncture have attempted to market it as something different than acupuncture and like most politics- some people may be mislead simply because they are not well educated in the subjects. We know better than to lump all the Physical Therapists into the same category as the industrial insurance mills who rush patients thru the same exercises to their assistants 2-3x/week and not every Chiropractor spends 5 minutes with each client providing the same 5 adjustments to every patient.  Every provider sets their own bar on their level of dedication and training. We are confident in the skills and systems we train in to be amongst the best available.


Well trained providers will move beyond simply needling the sore spots or trigger points. Some providers can needle motor points which cause the muscle to twitch- a motor point is the junction between where a nerve decussates and triggers the muscle to contract via depolarization. Another way of looking at it is that the needle can reach things which other tools cannot since it is invasive and can go into the body and between small spaces. Direct needling can target scar tissue and adhesions releasing spasms and locked up structures in just a few visits.  There is now a trend of other providers to use electric stimulation. Acupuncturists have used electric stimulation since the early 1950’s to push electrons into the fascial lines and create different responses from the body. Nowadays we are able to observe the effects  that alternating the wave form or frequency of stimulation has on the body’s nervous system by eliciting various neuro-transmitters. Electro acupuncture can be used to strengthen, fatigue, reset, or promote circulation around muscles. One might think of it as helping to  reset the nerve-motor junction and turn on inhibited structures. Electro acupuncture medicine goes far deeper than this in regards to effects on the entire body but we shall limit the scope of its discussion to orthopedics for now. Regardless of what you wish to call the insertion of filiform needles into the body – Michael Woodworth has been performing Orthopedic acupuncture of motor points, trigger points, scar tissue and resetting inhibited muscles and motor control patterns every day for over 15 years following 5 years of formal education.  We have treated many people who had experienced some style of “dry-needling” only to have them comment on how much more effective our techniques are. That goes without saying, we are very anatomically trained thru our cadaver labs, ART certifications, countless hours of orthopedic acupuncture and sports medicine courses. Whats unique is our ability to combine this approach with the diagnostics of SFMA/FMS systems and the palpation / treatment of Active Release Techniques (ART).  The end goal is clinical excellence and results that bring us the referrals of our clients.