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Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a genetic, progressive eye disease that can cause vision loss. It affects the retina, a layer of light-sensitive cells in the back of the eye. The first symptoms are night blindness and the narrowing of the field of vision. The onset is usually in childhood.

Do not lose your hope when conventional medicine says nothing can be done. Instead, try the alternative treatment for retinitis pigmentosa at Makari Wellness – we offer acupuncture, micro acupuncture 48, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, Chinese herbal therapy, and supplements. Our Eye Care Clinic is located at 2111 South El Camino Real Suite 301 Oceanside, CA 92054. Clinic working days and hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

We successfully treat many eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration (wet/dry), myopia, lazy eye, cataract, retinal occlusion, Usher syndrome, retinal detachment, uveitis, and many more. Our individualized vision treatment program is made to address the unique needs of our patients and the underlying conditions associated with their eye problems.

How We Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa at Makari Wellness of Oceanside, CA


An eye disease can result from the body’s imbalance, so the imbalance that causes the problem will be addressed with acupuncture. It focuses on promoting the blood flow and the circulation of Qi around the eyes. As a result, some studies show a significant improvement in overall eye health. Our acupuncture clinic reports that 85% of patients experience some vision improvement.

Micro Acupuncture 48

Micro Acupuncture involves 48 acupuncture points located only on hands and feet and is different from any other acupuncture system. As the gold standard in Ophthalmic Acupuncture, the therapy has shown some excellent results so far, especially in treating eye diseases. In addition, it has a great deal of positive, clinically measurable results.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

‘Food is medicine, medicine is food,’ according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore, a balanced diet, where food is consumed in proper combinations according to their flavors and natures, will supplement the essence that the human body needs. Here at Makari Wellness, we are aware that one size does not fit all, so we are dedicated to making individualized meal plans according to the diseases present and your body constitution (tizhi).

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Herbs are often combined with acupuncture as part of the overall treatment. Carefully selected herbs contain substances that are meant to address imbalances in our bodies. Certified Chinese herbalist will create a customized herbal remedy that meets your specific needs. They are prescribed based on your individual TCM diagnosis. Some of them may include Grapeseed, Green tea, Saffron, Turmeric, and many others.


Supplements for eye health can be a great addition to acupuncture treatments. They usually include Gingko Biloba, fish oil, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, L-Taurine, Bilberry, etc. However, they only supplement your overall nutrition, but they do not take the place of it. So make sure to have a well-balanced diet to get all the benefits of the vision supplements.

About Michael Woodworth, Makari Wellness Founder

As a leading acupuncturist with over 15 years of experience, Michael Woodworth L.AC, a retinitis pigmentosa specialist in Oceanside, CA, offers a custom-tailored approach to every client. He combines ancient wisdom with modern methods in his acupuncture treatments. If you are looking for a long-term solution, Makari Wellness is the right address for you.


Michael Woodworth is an expert at:

  • ICEAM #122 Classical Herbalist;
  • M48A Acupuncture Ophthalmology;
  • National Chinese Herbal Medicine;
  • Active Release Techniques (ART), SFMA, FMS;
  • Spine Technician in Pettibon Posture and Rehabilitation.

If you are curious about Michael’s certifications and CEU seminars, please visit the About Us page.

Exceptional Eye Care in Oceanside, CA

“Michael is heaven sent. Thank goodness for natural healers like him. More than worth it.” – Melanie W., Oceanside, CA  

“I cannot say enough good things about this place. Michael is the BEST! I was intimidated prior to my first visit because I don’t really like doctors and I had never had any kind of physical therapy. But he came highly recommended by someone I trust so I gave him a shot. Boy was I glad I did!

If I had to say what I like most about Michael, besides his sense of humor and wining personality, it would be his desire to solve the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, he is a whiz at treating the symptoms and getting rid of pain. But he also works with you to fix the underlying cause so you don’t have to keep coming back for pain management. That is what I like the most.

On top of that, Michael is very knowledgeable and more than willing to share that knowledge with his patients. He is very up front and explains everything he is doing and why before he does it. I would recommend Michael and Natural Solutions without hesitation.” – Vanessa M., Oceanside, CA  

“I’ve been a delighted patient for 4+ years who appreciates the care, devotion and expertise Mike places on his patients and craft. Each visit consists of a clear, easy to digest anatomy lesson and education combined with a course of action. He’s realistic and passionate while multitasking to achieve the best result possible. Web scheduling is convenient and he’s flexible with my wacky requests. Go get healed from the best healer I know…” – Michael D., Del Mar, CA

If you are still not sure about the alternative retinitis pigmentosa treatments, please find us on Yelp and read our patients’ testimonials.

Why Choose Makari Wellness for Natural Retinitis Pigmentosa Cure in Oceanside, CA?

As a founder of Makari Wellness, Mike Woodworth is dedicated to treating his patients as he treats his family. He is trained in multiple Japanese and Classical acupuncture systems to provide the best possible acupuncture therapy for retinitis pigmentosa. His acupuncture clinic in Oceanside aims to help people gain freedom from illness and improve their quality of life.

  • He is knowledgeable and passionate about his work;
  • He has more than 15 years of experience;
  • 85% of his patients experienced improvement;
  • Certified in Basic and Advanced MA48, as well as Ophthalmological microsystems under Dr. Andy Rosenfarb;
  • Our consistent effort to help people who are dealing with eye diseases that are considered insurable;
  • He successfully treats adults and children;
  • He offers a custom-tailored approach to every patient;
  • We accept HAS/FSA Accounts;
  • Two convenient locations: Oceanside and San Diego.
Michael Woodworth

Makari Wellness : Common Eye Treatments at our Oceanside Location

Besides the retinitis pigmentosa, here at Makari Wellness, we successfully treat many different eye diseases.

Lazy Eye Treatment

The lazy eye responds well to acupuncture. It stimulates the retinal nerve growth and metabolic changes in the central nervous system, improving the connection between the eye with amblyopia and the brain’s optical center.

Retinal Detachment Treatment

Triggering spontaneous healing reactions in the body is the main goal of acupuncture. Together with Micro Acupuncture 48, Chinese Herbal Therapy, and nutrition and lifestyle counseling, it can ease symptoms of retinal detachment.

Glaucoma Treatment

Retrieving the balance and recovering the whole body are the main goals of Eastern medicine in treating glaucoma symptoms. A certified acupuncturist can help improve the entire body’s nerve conductivity and blood flow, not only in the eyes.

Optic Neuritis Treatment

Inflammation and swelling of the optic nerve can be successfully treated with alternative treatments to improve the conductivity of the optic nerve and increase the blood flow to the eye.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Diabetes can damage the eyes, so diabetic eye disease is not rare. When discovered on time, Micro Acupuncture 48 can help your body build its own stem cell activity up to 300%. It is vital for photoreceptors and vascular regeneration.

Macular Degeneration Treatment

Micro Acupuncture 48 is quite successful in treating macular degeneration by bringing energy to the affected eye. At the same time, customized herbal mixtures can help in strengthening the entire body, including the eyes.

NAION Treatment

Improving the blood flow to the optic nerve can improve the symptoms of NAION. Treating 18 acupuncture points around the eyes can increase the Qi circulation and blood flow to the eyes.

Myopia Treatment

Nearsightedness as an eye focusing disorder can be treated by TCM. The main goal of the alternative treatments is to treat the root of the problem by improving oxygen supply and blood circulation in the retina.

Retinal Occlusion

Eye stroke is a severe condition that can lead to vision loss. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy can successfully improve blood flow and eliminate blood clots in the eye.

Acupuncture Ophthalmology Oceanside

In this brief video, Michael represents the basic principles of acupuncture ophthalmology. It works by treating the individual and not the disease. There are certain internal imbalances that allow the diseases to develop. Acupuncture improves the eye’s blood flow and also improves nerve conductivity in the eye. Acupuncture ophthalmology treats various degenerative eye diseases – it can slow or even stop the disease progression.

Vision/ Eye Program Price and How to Prepare for The First Visit 

After completing the initial course of treatment, acupuncture ophthalmology treatments are $100 individually. We have discounted this rate following the trials of 2020/2021, normally $125. Pre-pay packages includes 1 month of custom herbal formula and 1 month of vision supplements. (value $200-300).

For more detailed info about pricing packages and insurance options we accept, please visit our FAQS/FEES page. You can also find detailed instructions on how to prepare, what to eat, and how to dress for your first visit.

Find More Information About Retinitis Pigmentosa : Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a hereditary eye condition that affects the retina. It changes the way how the retina responds to light, making it people hard to see. The disease is progressive, although cases of complete blindness are extremely rare.


What are the Symptoms of Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Symptoms usually include night blindness and loss of peripheral vision. In addition, patients report the sensation of tunnel vision, as though they see a world through a straw. However, many retinitis pigmentosa patients will retain a small degree of central vision throughout their lives.


What are Retinitis Pigmentosa Causes?

Retinitis pigmentosa is a group of inherited disorders, and people are born with it. The gene mutations (changes in genes) send wrong messages to the retinal cells, eventually leading to their progressive degeneration. It is caused by a mutation of more than 60 genes and can be inherited as autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant, or X-linked recessive traits.


What is Cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for RP. Because it is hereditary, the defective gene cannot be reversed or cured; only the consequences can be slightly mitigated. However, acupuncture for the treatment of vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa showed some improvements in night vision, visual acuity, dark adaptation, and Goldman visual fields.


What Is Retinitis Pigmentosa ICD 10 Code?

Retinitis Pigmentosa ICD 10 diagnostic code is H35.52 – Pigmentary Retinal Dystrophy.

Try the Most Effective Natural Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa in Oceanside, CA

If you or your loved one has RP, do not despair. Call our Oceanside acupuncture clinic at (888) 871-8889 and experience the strong commitment to helping patients with RP. We provide treatments far from typical acupuncture sessions; we combine the most effective therapies to get our clients back to normal life.