Myopia Alternative Treatment Oceanside, California

Myopia, nearsightedness, or shortsightedness is common vision impairment. You see objects near to you clearly, but things far away appear blurry. It appears when your eyeball is usually longer than normal, or your cornea is curved too steeply. Light is not focused precisely in front of your retina, so the distant objects have a blurry appearance. It usually tends to run in families, especially if both parents are nearsighted.

The best natural myopia treatment in Oceanside is at Makari Wellness. Treatment includes acupuncture, micro acupuncture 48, Chinese herbs, supplements, and nutrition and lifestyle counseling.  Acupuncture for myopia in Oceanside will successfully treat the blood stagnation and blood stasis usually associated with myopia – it can also improve one’s well-being.

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How We Treat Myopia at Oceanside Makari Wellness Eye Clinic


A technique of stimulating specific points on the body by inserting thin needles through the skin stimulates the central nervous system. It also focuses on promoting the circulation of Qi and blood around the eyes, and it can successfully boost the overall visual acuity. The number of treatments depends on how well the patient responds to the treatment and the co-existing health issues.

Micro Acupuncture 48

A gold standard in Ophthalmic Acupuncture involves 48 acupuncture points located only on hands and feet. It has a great deal of positive, measurable clinical results, especially in treating eye conditions. The best results are achieved with the combination of Chinese herbs.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

“Food is medicine, medicine is food,” so a balanced diet, where foods are consumed in proper combinations according to their flavors and natures, will help achieve optimal health. At Makari Wellness, we make individualized health programs to support the immune system, boost overall health, and facilitate healing from illness.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbs can address unhealthy body patterns that manifest in various symptoms. Herbal formulas are customized and can be taken in the form of teas, pills, tinctures, or syrups. Each ingredient has unique characteristics, so a certified Chinese Herbalist at Makari Wellness will combine them to achieve the best therapeutic effect.


A well-balanced diet can safeguard your eyes, so supplements are only a great addition to it. These supplements are proven to boost eye health: Eyebright, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, and many more. These substances will protect nerve cells throughout the eyes and improve blurred vision.

About Makari Wellness Founder, Michael Woodworth

Michael Woodworth L.AC, as the leading Oceanside acupuncturist, has over 15 years of experience and continual post-graduate training. He combines ancient wisdom with modern methods to cure myopia naturally in Oceanside, CA. So, if you want to feel cared for and seek a long-term solution, Michael is the perfect option for your eye health.


  • ICEAM #122 Classical Herbalist;
  • M48A Acupuncture Ophthalmology;
  • National Chinese Herbal Medicine;
  • Active Release Techniques (ART), SFMA, FMS;
  • Spine Technician in Pettibon Posture and Rehabilitation.

Want to know more about Michael’s CEU seminars, certifications, and awards? Please visit the About Us page.

Extraordinary Eye Care in Oceanside, California

“Michael is an amazing acupuncturist and I am so glad I found him and his practice. His acupuncture and herb treatments cured an issue I was having that would not go away on its own. He is truly a professional and I will absolutely be referring all my friends and I would not hesitate to go back to his practice with any future issues.” – Summer H., Oceanside, CA

“I’ve been treated by Michael on 20+ occasions over a 4 year period and have always been care for expertly. What’s important to me and where he excels is: ease of scheduling, promptness(or communicate otherwise), listening, asking questions, sharing technique and education during the session and most important-providing feedback so as to alleviate the core issues. He’s a whiz @ body physiology and sharing his deep knowledge. Oh, and he’s FUN to be around! I’ll go back and recommend you do to….” – Michael D., Del Mar, CA

“Mike is a great person!  I have benefited from his treatments for years.  If you need help give Mike a chance to help you!”  – Ron J., Oceanside, CA

I started seeing Dr. Woodworth in June 2021 when I was diagnosed at 36 with early macular degeneration. Macular degeneration runs in my family, but no one had been diagnosed so young! I was devastated by this diagnosis and knew I could find a natural way to heal my body. I had done lots of acupuncture in the past and started my search for an acupuncturist that had experience working with eye issues. I stumbled upon Makari Wellness and knew Dr. Woodworth was the man for the job. I drove 3 hours each week to be treated by him. The best advice he gave me was to be patient. He explained that the body heals in trimesters and not to expect much change before the 3 month mark. At the 2 month mark I went in for a scan. No change. Maybe a bit better. I kept at it. 2 months later and there was huge improvement. The lines on my grid were no longer wavy, I could see better when I was driving (especially at night) and my scan showed major improvement. I continued on..

At this point I felt comfortable with the progress of my eyes and my body in general and I asked Dr. Woodworth to change focus to my fertility goals. I was under massive amounts of stress at the time and he patiently worked with me to strengthen my body and helped me to destress my mind. He reminded me that my body would heal in trimesters and to give the process time. I am so glad I did! I am happy to say that I am now pregnant with twins.

I will be continuing my care with Dr. Woodworth throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I understand that my overall health and the health of my eyes will require continued maintenance for the rest of my life. There is better way to support your life’s journey than to support your health! I’m so grateful that I found Makari Wellness. If you are reading this review and are having any doubts at all, let them go. Commit a trimester to Dr. Woodworth. Make the drive. Spend the money. It’s well worth it and I’m sure you will have a positive outcome and it may even change your life.

If you are curious to read more testimonials, please find us on Yelp or Google and read our patients’ reviews.

Myopia Treatment Oceanside, CA: Why Choose Makari Wellness

Michael Woodworth, a leading Oceanside acupuncturist with extensive post-graduate specializations in various Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Systems, provides the most effective myopia treatments in Oceanside, CA. Here are some reasons why to choose Makari Wellness for alternative treatment of myopia in Oceanside, CA:

  • We offer a custom-tailored approach to every client;
  • More than 15 years of experience;
  • 85% of our patients experienced improvements;
  • Clear, honest, and prompt in communication;
  • Committed to changing your life to a painless one;
  • We accept HAS/FSA spending accounts;
  • We also accept MedPay for immediate reimbursement.

Common Eye Treatments by Makari Wellness of Oceanside, CA

Macular Degeneration Treatment

Using Micro Acupuncture 48, it is possible to increase the blood flow to the eye, improve detoxification of solid and liquid waste, and decrease ocular oxidative stress. It is possible to slow or even stop the progress of the MD.

Uveitis Treatment

If left untreated, the inflammation of the uveal tract may lead to blindness. At Makari Wellness, we can offer acupuncture, herbal remedies, and personalized meal plans to treat uveitis successfully.

Cataract Treatment

Non-surgical cataract treatment is possible at Makari Wellness. Correcting the imbalance in the energy flow is the main goal of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It can also help in diminishing eye problems and prevent further development.

Lazy Eye Treatment

Eye-brain nerve connection can be restored using acupuncture, Micro acupuncture 48, and Chinese herbal therapy. These procedures are designed to treat the entire human being and the root of the problem, not just the disease.

Retinal Detachment Treatment

Acupuncture can boost overall visual acuity, eliminate or at least reduce eye floaters, and trigger a spontaneous healing reaction in the body. Also, a unique herbal formula can help in treating retinal detachment.

NAION Treatment

At Makari Wellness, we can treat insufficient blood flow resulting in central or peripheral vision loss with acupuncture. It will promote the circulation and nerve conductivity in the optic disc area, eventually improving the vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Unregulated blood sugar can lead to diabetic retinopathy. Still, many people are unaware of the benefits of acupuncture. It can successfully treat floaters, fluctuation, color vision deficiency, and other serious diabetic eye symptoms.

Macular Degeneration Treatment

Microcurrent stimulation, in addition to the ‘regular’ acupuncture treatment, can stimulate tissue repair and regeneration by awakening the dormant cells and improving the blood flow, which is essential for this particular disease type.

Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

Reduced night vision, affected side vision, loss of central vision, photopsia, and many other symptoms of RP can be successfully treated with Micro Acupuncture 48.

Acupuncture Ophthalmology Oceanside, CA

In this video, Michael explains the basic principles of ophthalmology acupuncture and how it works. The main thing is treating the person, not the disease. Acupuncture improves the nerve conductivity and blood flow to the eyes, so it is possible to stop the progression of the disease or reverse it, depending on your lifestyle and the severity of the disease.

Vision/ Eye Program Price and How to Prepare for The First Visit

After completing the initial course of treatment, acupuncture ophthalmology treatments are $100 individually. We have discounted this rate following the trials of 2020/2021, normally $125. Pre-pay packages includes 1 month of custom herbal formula and 1 month of vision supplements. (value $200-300). For more detailed info about pricing packages and insurance options we accept, please visit our FAQS/FEES page. You can also find detailed instructions on how to prepare, what to eat, and how to dress for your first visit.

Find More Information About Myopia : Symptoms, Types, Treatment and Prevention


What is Myopia?

Myopia is a refractive error where your eyeball is longer than normal, or your cornea is too curved. The light is not focused precisely on your retina, resulting in the blurry appearance of the distant objects. It usually starts in childhood and tends to run in families.


Can Acupuncture Cure Myopia?

When you start your acupuncture treatment early, there is a higher chance that you will be cured, and the improved vision is easier to be kept. Acupuncture can improve your naked vision (vision without glasses), improve your corrected vision (vision with glasses), and reduce myopia deterioration.

It promotes the healing of the eyes’ affected structures by stimulating blood and energy flow to the eyes.


What Causes Myopia?

The main myopia causes are the defective structure of the eye, where the light that enters the eye will not focus correctly. This causes blurred distant vision.

Experts are actually not sure what causes myopia. Still, it is believed that it is a mix of hereditary and environmental factors. If you have a parent with myopia, there are higher chances that you will develop it. The risk is even higher if both parents have it. Some of the environmental causes are:

  • Little outdoor time;
  • Lack of physical exercise;
  • Imbalanced diet;
  • Digital eye strain;
  • Smoking;
  • Limited daylight exposure.

Can Adult Cure Myopia Naturally?

There are some things, besides acupuncture, that you can do to boost your eye health and your vision:

  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet like leafy vegetables, carrots, and oily fish. They can aid in maintaining eye health.
  • Exercise regularly to improve the circulation and oxygen flow to the eyes.
  • Get enough sleep to avoid your eyes being overtired and strained.
  • Wear eye protection to keep harmful UV rays from diminishing your eyesight.
  • Take breaks from screen time to prevent digital eye strain.
  • Stop smoking to reduce the risk of many health issues that can negatively impact your vision.

How to Cure Myopia?

There are several treatment options for myopia. Traditional non-surgical treatments include glasses or contact lenses, low-dose atropine drops, orthokeratology, and some types of alternative therapies like acupuncture. During the orthokeratology treatment, you wear special contact lenses during the night to reshape your cornea.

Refractive surgery includes photorefractive keratectomy, where a doctor uses a laser to flatten the cornea’s curve. LASIK is another laser treatment where the doctor peels your cornea, reshapes the tissue underneath and puts the cornea back in place.


What are Myopia Acupuncture Points?

According to TCM, myopia is associated with Qi (life force) stagnation and blood stasis. Stimulating specific acupoints can activate Qi And blood and thus improve one’s well-being. Many local acupoints around the eye and neck area can significantly treat Qi and blood. Some of the most important are:

  • Jingming is the point where the inner corner of the eye meets the nose.
  • Yuyao is in the middle of the eyebrow in the hollow.
  • Chengqi lies directly below the pupil on the infraorbital ridge bone.
  • Zanzhu is located in the crease at the inner ends of the eyebrows.
  • Tongziliao is located on the outer end of the eyebrows.

Myopia Cure Naturally in Oceanside: Try Makari Wellness

With more than 15 years in treating myopia, Makari Wellness offers the most effective natural eye care. We are not just experts in our field; we truly care for every patient. Our goal is the same – to improve your quality of life. If you want to live a life without myopia, do yourself a favor – make an appointment today, call us at (888) 871-8889.