The Most Efficient Retinal Detachment Treatment in Oceanside, CA

Retinal detachment is a severe eye condition in which your retina suffers partial or complete detachment. Various factors may damage the retina, including severe eye inflammation, fluid buildup under the retina, the contraction of the vitreous gel, and retinal scar tissue. Additionally, serious nearsightedness (myopia), age, and genetics may increase the risk of developing retinal detachment.

The retina is a light-sensitive layer of tissue responsible for sending visual information through the optic nerve to the brain. Therefore, any retinal tear and detachment left untreated may lead to complete vision loss.

Upon diagnosis, it is essential to consider all retinal detachment treatment options to prevent potential complications as the condition progresses. We at Makari Wellness offer holistic treatments to reduce the symptoms of retinal detachment and treat eye conditions leading to vision loss. Fifteen years of experience allow us to provide a complete Traditional Chinese Medicine approach in treating retinal detachment – acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, micro acupuncture 48, acupressure, supplements, moxibustion, and nutritional counseling.

You can find our Eye Care Clinic at 2111 South El Camino Real Suite 301 Oceanside, CA 92054. Our working days and hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. Feel free to use to form below to make an appointment for the most efficient retinal detachment treatments in Oceanside, CA.

How We Treat Retinal Detachment at Makari Wellness in Oceanside, CA


Any imbalance in the body may manifest in the form of eye disease. Eye acupuncture promotes Qi’s blood flow and circulation around the eyes, addressing any imbalance causing a specific eye condition. Recent studies show a significant improvement in general eye health, encouraging retinal detachment patients to consider acupuncture.

Micro Acupuncture 48

Micro Acupuncture is based on 48 acupuncture points (acupoints) located on hands and feet. This treatment has shown excellent results in treating symptoms indicating eye diseases and leading to vision loss.

Nutrition and lifestyle counseling

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, ‘food is medicine, medicine is food.’ Therefore, a well-balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle. Foods need to be consumed in proper combination based on their flavors and nature. However, while one meal plan works for someone, someone else will not benefit from it. Therefore, Makari Wellness offers customized meal plans according to your overall health and specific body imbalances you’re dealing with.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Herbs are an essential part of any holistic treatment as they contain active ingredients that address imbalances. A certified Chinese herbalist will create an individualized herbal remedy to meet the specific needs of your body and eye condition. An herbal formula may contain green tea, Turmeric, Saffron, Grapeseed, etc. Each recipe is prescribed according to your individual TCM diagnosis.


Retinal detachment supplements often include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Zinc, Copper, and more. Supplements are an excellent addition to your treatment plan but remember that they cannot replace your overall nutrition but supplement it only. Make sure to have a well-balanced diet to get the best out of the vision supplements.

Who is Michael Woodworth?

Michael Woodworth L.AC is a leading acupuncturist and retinal detachment specialist in Oceanside, CA. Mike is a highly trained acupuncturist and licensed Chinese herbalist who has been treating various eye conditions for years. He is the only Micro 48 Certified Ophthalmological Acupuncturist in Southern California, trained by one of the most recognized experts in the field, Dr. Andy Rosenfarb.

Michael is a nationally certified Chinese Herbalist and Dip. of Oriental Medicine, Advanced herbal diplomat, California Board certified in Acupuncture, pending fellow in ICEAM cert. #122, trained in multiple Japanese and Classical systems of acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, and neurological therapies.


Aside from being an expert in Chinese medicine, Mike also possesses certifications in the following fields:

  • ICEAM #122 Classical Herbalist;
  • M48A Acupuncture Ophthalmology;
  • National Chinese Herbal Medicine;
  • Active Release Techniques (ART), SFMA, FMS;
  • Spine Technician in Pettibon Posture and Rehabilitation.

Visit the About Us page to learn more about Mike’s certifications, CEU seminars, and achievements.

5-Star Treatment and Retinal Detachment Prevention

Michael is so knowledgeable.  He gets to the source of the problem to fix the symptoms. I have sent my best friends to him, my mom, and my husband.  I just can’t say enough good about him. If you have any pain, a neurological disorder, go see him. He’s got a heart of gold.Jamie Foster, Oceanside, CA.

My family is very active and has been seeing Michael for years! He’s helped us recover from all sorts of sports and training injuries like runners knee, back pain, and neck/shoulder impingements. He’s extremely knowledgeable and proficient in multiple healing disciplines like ART and acupuncture. Can’t recommend this place enough!!Michael Confer, Oceanside, CA.

I started seeing Dr. Woodworth in June 2021 when I was diagnosed at 36 with early macular degeneration. Macular degeneration runs in my family, but no one had been diagnosed so young! I was devastated by this diagnosis and knew I could find a natural way to heal my body. I had done lots of acupuncture in the past and started my search for an acupuncturist that had experience working with eye issues. I stumbled upon Makari Wellness and knew Dr. Woodworth was the man for the job. I drove 3 hours each week to be treated by him. The best advice he gave me was to be patient. He explained that the body heals in trimesters and not to expect much change before the 3 month mark. At the 2 month mark I went in for a scan. No change. Maybe a bit better. I kept at it. 2 months later and there was huge improvement. The lines on my grid were no longer wavy, I could see better when I was driving (especially at night) and my scan showed major improvement. I continued on..

At this point I felt comfortable with the progress of my eyes and my body in general and I asked Dr. Woodworth to change focus to my fertility goals. I was under massive amounts of stress at the time and he patiently worked with me to strengthen my body and helped me to destress my mind. He reminded me that my body would heal in trimesters and to give the process time. I am so glad I did! I am happy to say that I am now pregnant with twins.

I will be continuing my care with Dr. Woodworth throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I understand that my overall health and the health of my eyes will require continued maintenance for the rest of my life. There is better way to support your life’s journey than to support your health! I’m so grateful that I found Makari Wellness. If you are reading this review and are having any doubts at all, let them go. Commit a trimester to Dr. Woodworth. Make the drive. Spend the money. It’s well worth it and I’m sure you will have a positive outcome and it may even change your life.

Read more reviews on Yelp or Google to learn more about our patients’ experiences and the eye conditions we treated successfully.

Top Reasons to Choose the Best Retinal Detachment Specialist in Oceanside, CA

Mike Woodworth is the founder of Makari Wellness. He is a licensed and extensively trained acupuncturist, and Chinese herbalist whose learning path never stops – after all, treating people is a lifelong study.

  • Family-owned business;
  • 15+ years of experience;
  • An individualized approach to every patient’s condition;
  • 85% of our patients showed significant improvements;
  • Honest and prompt in communication;
  • Combination of treatments;
  • Changing your life to a happy and painless one;
Michael Woodworth

Other Eye Treatments at Makari Wellness of Oceanside, CA

Cataract Treatment

We can treat cataracts symptoms with acupuncture by addressing weaknesses in the spleen, kidneys, and excess heat in the liver.

Lazy Eye Treatment

A unique combination of acupuncture, Micro Acupuncture 48, Chinese herbs, supplements, and different eye exercises can significantly improve eye-brain nerve connection.

Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatments

We rely on acupuncture and electroacupuncture to achieve better results in treating the symptoms of retinitis pigmentosa.

NAION Treatmen

The lack of adequate blood flow to the optic nerve may cause an optic nerve stroke. By addressing 18 critical acupoints around the eyes, we can foster circulation, mainly in the optic disc area.

Uveitis Treatment

Acupuncture, herbal remedies, and customized meal plans are used to treat uveitis symptoms efficiently. If left untreated, the inflammation of the uveal tract may lead to vision loss.

Macular Dystrophy Treatment

The combination of acupuncture, herbal formulas, and supplements may recover, slow, or even stop the progression of macular dystrophy. The holistic approach promotes blood flow to the eye, reduces oxidative stress, and enhances the detoxification of solid and liquid waste.

Macular Degeneration Treatment

We can treat symptoms of both wet and dry macular degeneration. We rely on acupuncture to bring energy to the affected eye(s) and strengthen the patient’s overall health. The TCM treatments may help to slow down or even reverse this eye condition.

Myopia Treatment

Makari Wellness offers a complete natural treatment for your myopia. We can treat signs of nearsightedness using acupuncture, Chinese remedies, and modifying your lifestyle habits.

Glaucoma Treatment

The most efficient forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine help slow down or stop glaucoma progression, preventing blindness caused by high eye pressure.

Acupuncture Ophthalmology Oceanside

Michael Woodworth’s treatments are aimed at treating a person, not a disease. By focusing on your general health instead of the disease itself, it is possible to stop the progression of the eye condition or even reverse it. However, it largely depends on the stage of your condition and lifestyle habits.

Acupuncture and other TCM approaches promote nerve conductivity in the eye while encouraging eye blood circulation. In the video below, you can hear more about the principles of ophthalmology acupuncture.

Eye Program Pricing & How to Prepare for the First Visit

Acupuncture ophthalmology treatments are $100 individually after completing the initial course of treatment. Pre-pay package includes one month of custom herbal remedies and one month of vision supplements (value $200-$300).

Please visit our FAQS/FEES page to find more detailed information about the pricing packages and insurance policies we accept. There you can also learn more about how to prepare, what to eat, and how to dress for your initial visit.

More Information about Retinal Detachment: Symptoms, Types, Treatment, and Prevention


What is Retinal Detachment?

Retinal detachment (detached retina) is a severe eye condition that occurs when the retina – a layer of tissue at the back of the eye that processes and transmits light – detaches from the surrounding tissue. If left untreated, it may lead to vision loss.


Retinal Detachment Causes

Retinal detachment may be caused by various factors, including inflammation, retinal scar tissue, fluid buildup in the back of your eye, age, genetics, nearsightedness (myopia), and more.


Types of Retinal Detachment

There are three common types of the detached retina:

  • Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment is the most common type of this condition. It is usually caused by age when the vitreous gel pulls away from the retina. You can also develop it due to an eye injury, nearsightedness, or eye surgery.
  • Tractional retinal detachment occurs when scar tissue pulls on the retina because diabetes has affected the blood vessels in your eye’s back.
  • Exudative retinal detachment is caused by fluid buildup behind your retina. Risk factors include leaking blood vessels and swelling due to inflammation, injury, or age-related macular degeneration.

How to Prevent Retinal Detachment?

It is essential to seek treatment as soon as you notice floaters, flashing lights, or any changes in your vision. A simple eye exam can indicate the changes you haven’t noticed, allowing you to find the best treatment to slow down the condition progression.

It is quintessential to keep your diabetes or high blood pressure under control to ensure the blood vessels in your retina are healthy. Other prevention measures can help you prevent retinal detachment, including:

  • Eye protection;
  • Sports goggles to prevent eye injuries when playing a sport;
  • Special glasses when working with machines or chemicals;
  • Try retinal detachment treatments in Oceanside, CA.

Retinal Detachment Symptoms

Retinal detachment is a painless condition that can happen without warning signs. However, you might notice some of the following signs:

  • Light flashes;
  • “Floaters,” or small dots in your vision;
  • The darkness that appears in the form of a curtain over the vision, in the middle or the sides.

Can Acupuncture Help Retinal Detachment?

Acupuncture is one of the most efficient TCM treatments that focus on revitalizing the whole body instead of addressing the disease itself. Therefore, acupuncture can significantly slow down or stop any retinal detachment progression, preventing its final consequence – vision loss. The patients will notice the overall improvement in all aspects of their health, not only in their eyes and vision.

The most common local acupoints for retinal detachment are the following:

  • UB-1 is located in the area where the inner corner of the eye meets the nose.
  • UB-2 is the best point for both early-stage and severe eye conditions. It is located in the depressions at the eyebrows’ inner ends.
  • Yuyao is excellent for different eye conditions, and it is a midpoint of the eyebrow in the hollow.

What is Micro Acupuncture for Retinal Detachment?

Micro Acupuncture 48 is the Holy Grail of ophthalmological acupuncture. This relatively new acupuncture system encompasses 48 acupuncture points found only in the hands and feet. It is an excellent treatment for conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, Usher syndrome, retinitis pigmentosa, optic nerve atrophy, and retinal detachment.

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