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Makari Wellness Specializes in Acupuncture for Fertility, TCM, Herbs and Functional Medicine. We Can Help You Get Pregnant.

Acupuncture, as part of ancient traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), can be used alone or combined with Western medicine (IUI or IVF) to enhance fertility effectively and chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy. Led by Mike Woodworth, a certified acupuncturist with 15+ years of experience, Makari Wellness is a top-trusted acupuncture clinic in San Diego specializing in infertility issues and reproductive wellness. We provide a highly personalized treatment using Eastern medicine practices like acupuncture, herbal medicine and diet modifications. Conditions that we treat include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, poor egg and sperm quality, miscarriage, amenorrhea, and many, many others. For more info on how acupuncture for fertility can help you conceive and have a healthy pregnancy, call (888) 871-8889, book an appointment via online form or visit our clinic in person. We are located at 16486 Bernardo Center Drive. Suite 218, San Diego, CA 92128. Working days and hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Successful Story

I started seeing Dr. Woodworth in June 2021 when I was diagnosed at 36 with early macular degeneration. Macular degeneration runs in my family, but no one had been diagnosed so young! I was devastated by this diagnosis and knew I could find a natural way to heal my body. I had done lots of acupuncture in the past and started my search for an acupuncturist that had experience working with eye issues. I stumbled upon Makari Wellness and knew Dr. Woodworth was the man for the job. I drove 3 hours each week to be treated by him. The best advice he gave me was to be patient. He explained that the body heals in trimesters and not to expect much change before the 3 month mark. At the 2 month mark I went in for a scan. No change. Maybe a bit better. I kept at it. 2 months later and there was huge improvement. The lines on my grid were no longer wavy, I could see better when I was driving (especially at night) and my scan showed major improvement. I continued on..

At this point I felt comfortable with the progress of my eyes and my body in general and I asked Dr. Woodworth to change focus to my fertility goals. I was under massive amounts of stress at the time and he patiently worked with me to strengthen my body and helped me to destress my mind. He reminded me that my body would heal in trimesters and to give the process time. I am so glad I did! I am happy to say that I am now pregnant with twins.

I will be continuing my care with Dr. Woodworth throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I understand that my overall health and the health of my eyes will require continued maintenance for the rest of my life. There is better way to support your life’s journey than to support your health! I’m so grateful that I found Makari Wellness. If you are reading this review and are having any doubts at all, let them go. Commit a trimester to Dr. Woodworth. Make the drive. Spend the money. It’s well worth it and I’m sure you will have a positive outcome and it may even change your life.


Acupuncture effectively enhances uterine blood circulation, optimizes the flow of vital energy (qi), and fortifies the function of key internal organs instrumental in fertility. This holistic approach targets reproductive health and promotes overall well-being, which is essential for successful conception.


Herbal therapies play a crucial role in enhancing immune system function, alleviating stress, and correcting hormonal imbalances, which are key factors contributing to infertility. These natural remedies are carefully selected to address individual health needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improving reproductive wellness.


At Makari Wellness, we emphasize the importance of adopting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits, as these are fundamental for enhancing fertility. Our approach focuses on nurturing your overall well-being, recognizing that a harmonious state of health significantly increases the likelihood of successful conception.

Fertility Conditions Treated With Acupuncture at Makari Wellness

Acupuncture and other TCM practices are completely safe and drug-free methods of curing infertility issues and encouraging a thriving pregnancy. These are some of the conditions that can be handled with acupuncture:

Acupuncture for Fertility: Program Details

Our fertility program is created with one goal in mind – to support and harness your body’s natural healing powers to balance your fertility cycle. The treatment plan usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation and identifying the root causes to be treated
  2. Designing a customized program that will address the causes and symptoms of your underlying condition
  3. Acupuncture therapy combined with herbal medicine customized according to your exact needs
  4. Recommendations on nutrition and diet
  5. Advice on lifestyle changes, exercises, and meditation to utilize the power of body, emotions, spirit, and mind.

At your first appointment, we will collect all the important information that will be used to design your ideal fertility treatment plan. During the appointment, we will assess health history, medical documentation, lifestyle habits, diet, tongue inspection and pulse evaluation.


Our Awards & Certifications

Michael Woodwarth, L.Ac, the founder of Makari Wellness, has over 15 years of experience and continues to pursue post-graduate training in various areas of acupuncture, including fertility, classical Chinese herbal medicine, functional medicine, nutritional supplementation, and many more. He is California Board certified in Acupuncture, nationally certified Chinese Herbalist and Dip. of Oriental Medicine, and advanced herbal diplomat & pending fellow in ICEAM cert. #122. For more information on certifications, visit About Us page.

Over the years we have helped many couples in San Diego that had struggles with conceiving. Some of the reasons why they trusted us with their most important decisions are below:

  • Specializing in fertility and reproductive wellness
  • More than 15 years of relevant experience
  • Complete honesty and integrity with clients we interact with
  • California Board and national certifications in various areas of TCM
  • Supporting patients going through assisted procedures (IVF, IUI)


Prenatal Acupuncture at Makari Wellness

It has become increasingly known that traditional medicine and acupuncture can assist in fertility conditions. What may not be common knowledge is that infertility is a growing condition in the United States and many modern countries due to ever-increasing stressful lifestyles, toxic environments and more common consumption of medications and processed foods. By correcting the underlying imbalances and deficiencies of an individual, their chance of conceiving and carrying to full term is dramatically increased. It should be recognized that it is nearly a 50-50 chance that is either the man or woman who needs treatment.

Proper Diagnosis Is Essential

At Makari Wellness, we do not use a cookie-cutter approach and simply have clients come in multiple times every week for acupuncture and herbs- hoping they will become pregnant. We hold that a proper diagnosis and pattern differential based on traditional examination makes all the difference.

After diagnosing the underlying patterns of imbalance for each individual, a treatment plan is recommended. We realize that acupuncture can be costly and many times we have suggested diet and herbal medicine as the main means of correcting and strengthening one’s body- and this has been successful in 90% of our cases. At certain stages of the journey to conception, acupuncture may play an important role, but it may not be the primary means for each couple.

People might consider acupuncture as a tool that works with what your body has and herbs can be seen as both a means of supplying and correcting the body on a daily basis. Historically, when a person was very weak or in life-threatening conditions, herbs were required to give energy and sustenance to the person. In general, herbs are cheaper and can be taken every day. Some of our clients will come to us for herbal dispensing and see their regular acupuncturist for the acupuncture component. There are many ways to go about solving these challenges, and we will guide you honestly in what we think is best for you and your future family.

We have had couples who successfully conceived and carried to term after 2 weeks of herbs, while we have also had clients who, after multiple failed IVF’s, were successful following 6 months of treatment and did not need IVF. There is a wide spectrum of possibilities, and we are here to help you get through them.

IVF Acupuncture Protocols

There have been a number of studies resulting in recommended “protocols” for IVF acupuncture assistance. Of course, we believe the best solution is to combine these empirical methods while addressing each individual’s underlying condition to ensure their body is in optimal health.

The investigations revealed that several key components are central to acupuncture in combination with ART. The timing of an acupuncture treatment in relation to the menstrual cycle is of great importance. An acupuncture treatment administered between day 6 and 8 of the “stimulated ART cycle” is optimal. In addition, it is ideal to have two acupuncture treatments “on the day of embryo transfer.”

A General “Making Baby Action Plan” For Women

Have vaginal intercourse in a missionary position.

Relax in bed for 10-20 minutes after having intercourse. Around the time of ovulation, avoid lubricants, especially scented products. Don’t use water, saliva, or mineral oil. If you need additional lubrication use “Pre-Seed”.

Abstain from intercourse during menstruation. Try to have intercourse every or every other day during your fertile times. Have intercourse just ahead of ovulation, (days 12-14 of standard 28-day cycle with ovulation on day 14).

Track your body’s cycle so you know exactly when you ovulate. Look for egg-white fertile cervical mucus. Track cervical position, looking for SHOW (soft, high, open, and wet). Watch for other signs your body gives when ovulating: Keep a BBT chart to look for temperature shifts showing ovulation.

The Benefits of Integrative Support Plans for Fertility Issues

Integrative fertility support plans have countless benefits. To name some:

  • Enhances the quality of eggs
  • Improves blood flow to the uterus
  • Reducing risks of different types of blockages, like cysts and polyps
  • Regulates hormone levels
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Helps improve the quality of uterine, which increases the chances of implantation
  • Increased blood flow for improved health of placenta


  • Re-establishes balance of energy in body and mind to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Increases the overall quality of sperm (morphology, motility & count)
  • Promotes healthy pregnancy
  • Turning a breech baby by gentle, natural methods
  • Preparing the body for a smooth labor and delivery
  • Encourages healthy postpartum recovery

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How Much Does Acupuncture for Fertility Cost?

The exact cost of your therapy will depend on the type of treatment that we create specifically for you. During your first appointment, a thorough exam will be performed, where a specialist will determine what issues need to be addressed and which techniques are used in order to help your body help itself. An initial appointment and treatment costs $175, whereas follow-up visits start at $95 (to $125). For more information on fees, visit FAQ – Fee schedule for treatment programs.

How many sessions will I need to cure my infertility?

The exact frequency of your sessions will be based on your unique fertility issue. Typically, patients are scheduled to have sessions once a week for milder conditions or twice weekly for more serious conditions. On average, our fertility patients require up to 20 sessions, but it is important to remember that every client’s situation is different, and chronic issues might take more time. During your first visit, you will be given an estimated timeline and the approximate number of sessions you will have to undergo.

Can I book a virtual consultation for fertility?

While we realize how difficult it can be to find a licensed and qualified practitioner, and we offer telemedicine for certain conditions, the delicate nature of fertility problems require you to come in person.

What kind of post-partum support do you provide?

Our post-partum support includes labor and birth recovery, C-section scar treatment, pain, milk supply, hair loss, postpartum anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, iron deficiency, back pain, night sweats, mastitis, dry skin, wrist pain, brain fog, structural imbalances, cycle regulation, prolapse, scar tissue.

Why does an acupuncturist check my tongue?

Mike will examine your tongue, as it acts as a map of the body. When properly assessed, it will reflect any underlying issues and overall organ and meridian health. To determine the body’s health, we will check your tongue’s color, shape, cracks, and coating.

What to expect during acupuncture treatment?

You will be placed in a comfortable, relaxing position. The acupuncturist will then insert very thin, sterile needles into specific acupuncture points on your body. You may feel slight numbness, tingling, or mild ache as the energy is being unblocked and starts moving through the body. This sensation is also known as “Qi sensation.” These are all positive reactions indicating that the therapy is working. After the session, you may either feel energized or deeply relaxed.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture does not hurt, as the needles used are super fine and thin. Upon insertion, you might feel a slight tingling sensation, but the treatment itself is relaxing, and not painful.

How To Prepare for the first appointment?

No particular preparations are necessary. You will need to complete the paperwork online before you arrive. In regard to clothing, it is advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothes that can be lifted to reveal ankles, abdomen, back, and elbows. Since it is your first session, make sure you bring all your relevant medical documentation, such as lab results, CT scans, MRI reports, and so on. Prior to your appointment, eat well and arrive at least 10 minutes early, so you are not stressed over being late.

How can acupuncture help during pregnancy?

Some of the medical issues that can be treated with acupuncture are morning sickness, cramping, discomfort, depression, heartburn, hemorrhoids, back pain, sciatica, threatened miscarriage, placenta previa, placenta accreta, itching, vision changes, “happy baby” point, breech, labor induction, cervix ripening.

Can acupuncture help with labor induction?

Acupuncture is a natural and drug-free way of inducing labor that promotes natural processes in your body, without medical interventions with synthetic drugs or induced rupture of membranes. For more information, visit Acupuncture to induce labor.

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