We realize how difficult it can be to locate a qualified provider capable of prescribing based on the person and not simply dispensing products based on the disease diagnosis. Michael Woodworth has well over a decade of post-graduate studies focussed on prescribing custom Chinese herbal medicine and Functional Medicine supplements. Receive a virtual consult to determine what body systems can be strengthened to improve overall health and resistance. Many people have found resolution to problems that failed to respond to traditional Western medicine treatments.

Herbal Medicine Is A Complex System With Over 4000 Yrs Of Empirical Application.

Herbal Medicine and Functional Supplementation can effectively treat many internal disorders: Respiratory, Auto-Immune, Digestive, Gynecological, Dermatological, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Opthalmological, Neurological, Brain Health and more. Many conditions can be improved, reversed or slowed depending upon its etiology. Herbs and supplements are the preferred means of treating many internal disorders. In modern Asian countries,  hospitals the have Western Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal departments. Typically they will prescribe combinations of Acupuncture and Western therapies for pain and neurological conditions while combining Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for internal disorders. This leads to better patient outcomes where they can take less Pharmaceutical drugs and get better results with less side-effects and chance of building up a tolerance.

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Th initial Virtual Consult is 45mins long following the initial review of your history and onboarding intakes.   This consult and the review cost $125 which will be collected following the initial review of paperwork – whether or not you complete the online consult. Your case and our work starts once we receive your information, labs, tests, etc. You will be required to complete our online paperwork before this consult so we may review your history before the video call. Herbal Supplements are not included and typically cost about $2-4$ per day depending upon the ingredients while the functional medicine supplements can be expected to cost approximately $150-300 depending on each individual’s needs.  Therefore you can expect that the initial course of supplements and customized herbal formulas will be an additional expense of $200-300. This is usually enough for one month while many of the functional supplements contain enough for a longer period. Book an online appointment below. Complete The Online Paperwork Thru the Confirmation Email’s Link – We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have accompanying test results, lab work (blood, endocrine panel, etc..) let us know via “Contact Us” and we can provide you a fax or email for forward those as well.   Initial Virtual Visit $125, Followup Re-Exams $75.  Functional Medicine Supplements Vary (if needed at all).  Customized Herbal Medicine Averages apx. $120-200/month.

Telemedicine for macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, optic neuritis, diabetic retinopathy, NION, uveitis, myopia and more

Telemedicine for digestion, sleep problems, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, fertility, hormone disbalance, COVID long-haulers and post-vaccine treatment and more