Pediatrics & Children

Natural, Safe, Drug-Free Treatments


A gentle way to restoring and maximizing children’s health. Chinese medicine is good for both curing disease and maintaining health.  Children respond particularly well. Moreover there is the chance of curing a disease which might otherwise remain for life. My preferred method of treating children is acupuncture, using the very gentle methods taught me in Japanese Acupuncture systems. For those who find any needles challenging, the acupuncture points can be stimulated by soft laser, or micro current and moxibustion. All of these treatments are effective, COMPLETELY SAFE and virtually PAIN FREE. I also prescribe herbal formulas. Some conditions which can be helped:

Weak immune system Constipation
Chronic cough Diarrhea
Asthma Vomiting
Whooping cough ADD and ADHD
Colic Learning difficulties
Ear infections Failure to thrive
Broken sleep, nightmares Chronic fatigue
Cerebral palsy Autism
Speech Therapy Bedwetting

Since focussing on  the treatment of Neurological and Brain Conditions we have seen how amazing the body is. With the proper application of acupuncture and physiotherapy it is possible to make significant improvements in even more severe conditions. This can be due to problems in utero, difficult birth, or complications resulting from meningitis, encephalitis, or other conditions. Many people in the West do not yet realize these conditions can be helped by our approaches. For many of these conditions we utilize specialized scalp acupuncture and may even combine with body acupuncture, acu-laser, herbs and moxibustion as well. Some of these conditions are:

Autism Incomplete Brain Development
Sequelae – Viral Meningitis Hemiplegia
Muscle Torsions / Spasms Paralysis due to brain disorder
Brain Atrophy Vision Disorders
Brain Anomaly Learning difficulties
Myasthenia Gravis Cerebral Palsy

The more serious the condition the sooner and more frequent treatment should be to guarantee the best possible outcomes. These conditions require the same approach as our neruological treatments and an increased frequency of treatment as compared to more typical pediatric and childhood disorders.